The abioSCOPE®

The revolutionary in vitro diagnostic (IVD)
point-of-care platform

Patented nanofluidic technology

Forcing molecules into a nanochannel, limiting the travel distance to a few hundred nanometres and reducing incubation time to 2 minutes.

Unparalleled immunoassay panel solutions

Disrupting today’s blood-testing standards, bringing laboratory quality tests close to patients and analysing up to 14 parameters at the same time from a single drop of blood in just 5 minutes instead of hours.

Unique benefits
First result within 5 minutes

The abioSCOPE® is the fastest point-of-care device in the world

Intuitive and easy to use

Abionic's technology is accessible and the test is painless for the patient

Universal platform

The abioSCOPE® is compatible with a wide range of applications

Patented technology

The abioSCOPE® process is based on a nanofluidic technology

Clinically validated

All analytical performances are clinically validated

One drop of blood

All our tests are run with just a few µL of whole blood sample

The abioSCOPE® is a universal platform with unlimited application potential.

Acute care settings

Designed for hospitals

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Primary Care Settings

Designed for specialist practices

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Connected Data Platform
  • Health level 7 (HL7) international standard

    Encrypted data transfer ensures the confidentiality of patient records

  • Simple barcode scanning functionality

    Allows physicians to transfer patient results easily and quickly to external data management system

  • Expert decision table integrated

    Guides physicians to make clinical decisions